Warcraft 3 removed from account?


Why has Warcraft 3 been removed from my account? I used my original CD-keys to register it back when Reforged was launched and played it a bunch with friends but now all I have in the Battle.net launcher is the option to buy the game.


Hey there,

Keys on the account look fine. I’d recommend the following to resolve the problem:

  1. Open Windows date/time settings, ensure it’s using automatic time settings, then click “Sync Now”
  2. Reinstall the Battle.net application
  3. Login using the same email/account used to make this forums post

Let us know how things go. Cheers!

I have the same problem and I have done all what you said. That didn’t help me.

The solution is simple: at the login in the Blizzard app, click on the cogwheel and “continue without logging in” or something like that. Then you can install Reforged. After that just login again normally and you’ll be able to play it.

I had this problem and several support tickets didn’t help me, only the community at the Warcraft Gym did. This is a phenomenon which makes me things that it’s a deliberate attempt by Actiblizz to extort money from old wc3 players. Shame!


It worked! Thank you!!!

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(post deleted by author)

How many times will be encouraged to reinstall WC3 after these so called server updates where the game has been removed? Today WC3 suddenly been deleted from client (payed for CD decades ago), played a game yesterday with no problems aside the usual slow server. Now game is wiped from user account. Cannot reach keys until later this week so reinstalling atm is not an option.

Are we supposed to carry around our WC3 keys in hope to retrieve the game after these “incidents”. Why does this only happen to some of us on a frequent basis? If I get hold of my key will reinstalling even work now? Takes some time to redownload since CD installment no longer is working. All this happened after almost finishing Overwatch 2 download, probably unrelated since this happened many times before.

Curious. Does server removal of game only occur for old WC3 users and not those whom bought the game after it became Reforged?

There are manual install links on the account website, using those can resolve this issue. If the game is installed and the app is acting like it isn’t, use the “locate the game” feature to point the app to it.

Not at all.

Register your CD keys to your Battlenet account and they will be stored there safe and sound forever.

When you do, they will change to a new format so keep that in mind.

Plus, as long as you have a registered RoC CD key, that’s all you need to access the classic mode of Reforged, meaning you’ll never need to enter keys again.

As far as what you call “removal”, if you mean you are installing an older version of WC3 and then logging into Battlenet, it will indeed upgrade the old version to Reforged (which is the current version). So it’s an update more than a removal.

The only way to play the older versions is to not let them connect to Battlenet, so local play only (campaign, vs AI custom games, etc).

The server doesnt remove your game and never has. Any such occurance is some wild crazy glitch.

If you actually mean “My old version of the game was updated to Reforged” the only way to avoid that is to not connect online. But you don’t need an account at all to play the old versions offline, so I’m not sure that’s what you mean. I registered my ROC/TFT CDkeys to my battle.net account many years ago and they’re still there. It’s permanent for the life of the account.

In short, the game we know as “warcraft III reforged” is quite simply the current version of warcraft III, and all older versions of the game will patch to it if connected online.

You can find WC3 RoC/TFT and download at account[dot]battle[dot]net/games