Warcraft 3 Reforged is a half web-application

Do you know why? Cuz main menu is web application running on built-in google chrome.
Nice outsourcing, blizz.

Not only main menu, but it looks like even in-game options UI is a web app too.



How did you find that out?

Proof pinned to OP post.


Maybe this is also a reason why they forced update of classic wc3 to reforged?

I remember there were people asking the devs to quicken up the chains animation to change between menus. If only they knew…what they were gonna get.

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Animation could be quicken up… if it would be windows 3d application xD

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As I assume, web application also runs when playing singleplayer or online and it layer appears when we open settings. So this significantly slows down entire game.

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“If only you knew the power of The Dark Side…”

Then they should give all their profits to Google.

Sounds about right?


It’s ungodly annoying the lag with it. I figured they could patch it, but I guess that’s out the window?

What a trashy thing to do

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I figured it that out, the moment I first used it.

It lags the same as the one from Hearthstone, which, if I am right, is made in the same way.

This is indeed something which is…kinda bad. Good think is it loads better after “first use” if I may say that.


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Considering its using free open-source stuff, no they wouldn’t lol. But yeah there’s no real upside or reason they would make the menu’s like this apart from being lazy and time saving, no other upside lol.

Acti/Blizz signs contract with Google on hosting their services = games running in chromium.

Does this mean that Warcraft 3 is now property of Google, since they used their engine to create it?

Just from navigating through the menu, you can FEEL how unpolished and rough this game is.

OH MY GOD. thats beyond shocking… now i also understand why the main menue was lagging so badly… no wonder :frowning:


There was a post on the forums about this not too long after it was announced if I remember correctly. The guy who posted it was getting all kinds of hate from the community, Looking back, he was right about how bad of an idea this was.

Sad story, i’m just leaving, good bye.

No wonder it runs slow, it’s on a satanic 666 browser.