WarCraft 3 Clan Channels?


I was wondering if WarCraft 3 Clan Channels along with their creation is going to be patched up and or reworked? As it stands there are several bugs and issues with clan channels, and even more with server desync causing phantom users and preventing Operators from having Operator status.
banning doesnt work as anyone can just rejoin.

I sincerely hope you are planning to revamp this old broken system.

Honestly I think you should open Clan channels to all products instead of OP Channels for all non war3 Classic products.
Recruit 10 users from either diablo 2, Warcraft 3 or StarCraft Remastered to create a clan channel.

Clan channels are IMPORTANT they give a feeling of unity and you wish to protect and grow your community more with the addition of one.


Clan channels will be part of WC3 Reforged as you can see in the leaked UI screenshots. WC3 Reforged will use BattleNet 2.0 (like SC2) so it shouldn’t have these problems anymore…


Open up Starcraft 2 (if you have it)…that’s what the new bnet will be like.

Well, as of the previews, that’s how it’ll be. It could all change…

but so far, based on the leaks…if those go live - say goodbye to channels as you know them :slight_smile: