W3 reforged crashing all time

I only play 4v4, after 5 or 10 min playing, game crash without reason, this only happen with the new 1.35 patch, all worked fine before!

Have a really high-end pc and I use reforged graphics.

And ofc another error is about rank system, wins doesnt count .

Same problem here. I have the original game on windows 8 and that pc is a piece of trash. Never crashes or anything. I dont have a top of the line pc but its not a cheap one either. running windows ten with more than enough spunk to run this game and other games in 4k. whats the deal?


fundy16x Your crash appears to be related to a third party software that is causing an Access Violation when the game is interacting with system resources. RTSSHooks64.dll can be GPU overclocking software or Rivatuner Statistics Server (RTSS) try uninstalling this software and restarting the PC in selective startup before retesting.

Syviajunkey Your error is related to a different issue. Your Documents\WarCraft III folder is being backed up by OneDrive which is causing a permission issue. Please setup OneDrive to not sync your Warcraft III folder within your Documents folder, following the steps Here.

Thank you!

I’m curious how you determined the nature of these issues, did these users submit crash reports via the crash reporter?

All of this information is obtained from the crash dump when you submit.

Right, but I wasn’t aware that crash reports included things like the battletag of the user who submitted it, which I think would qualify as personal information. Which is why I found it odd that someone could post on the forums about a problem, and the tech support respondent would know what caused their issue without them being specific about it in their post.

Specifically, the crash dump will tell Blizzard everything that was attached to the process, including third party applications like maphacks, mods, etc.

When there was an active team we used these to help diagnose difficult technical issues that were hard to reproduce.

Well at least it is still apparently being put to somewhat meaningful use via tech support.

Side note: OneDrive causes issues with tons of games and stuff that use the documents folder if it is synced. But other similar tools like dropbox despite working in much the same way with shell integration, don’t do this.

Hello everyone.I have the same issue Warcraft 3 reforged crashes when I play campain.Could you tell me an example for third party programs?Thanks for help.

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