W3 Reforged crashed

When finding a game in warcraft 3 the game crashes, either in normal or competitive games, I played recently and it did not happen, I meet the requirements of the game.

Hi Sheshoqlo77,

How recently are you talking? On August 17th, 2022 a new patch was released for this game. Since that time, the stability of the game has been reportedly worse for some users.



Iā€™m not seeing any occurrence errors sent to us from you. Can you please post up what error code you see when the game crashes? If no errors occur at all and the game just disappears this is likely a major third-party software conflict with a program running at the same time in the background try placing the system into selective startup and restarting the PC before retesting.

If the issue continues, please collect your Dxdiag and upload it to a site such as pastebin.com and post a link back here for review.

Thank you.

26A7E61E-FFFD-466F-84C7-29D3ADBF3F2A Is the most recent error code that I received. I can play again and wait to see if it is the same one. The game is extremely unstable and I get kicked out of it on a regular basis.

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