Using wc3 classic and wc3 reforged simultaneously on different PCs (same acc)


I own now wc3 classic and it’s installed on my PC. I bought another PC and I want to install there wc3 reforged (I didn’t buy it yet). I want to buy wc3 reforged at same blizzard account.

I want to have possibility playing wc3 classic and wc3 reforged simultaneously. For example I will play wc3 classic with my account and another person will login in wc3 reforged with his own account but will use copy/license of game from my account.

Will wc3 reforged count as different standalone license? Will it not consume my old wc3 license?

Hi HungryInsect.

I have not personally attempted what you are describing but I would be very skeptical of the possibility of your success. Assuming the Legacy Reign of Chaos CD keys are bound to your current account login, these are the keys that will allow your account to log into the unified Warcraft III Patch 1.32 modern game client. I am doubtful that one Legacy Reign of Chaos CD key can be bound to multiple accounts. If your old CD key was not bound to your log in, then this CD key might be “unclaimed” in that sense. If this were true, then if you bind the old CD key to your friend’s account (meaning it is no longer yours) and then you purchase Warcraft III Reforged on your own account, then this would mean you each individually had access to the unified Warcraft III Patch 1.32 game client. As far as I know, all access to the game is based on logins in this way for the modern unified client.

If your legacy Reign of Chaos CD keys are already bound to your account, then I would assume that these keys will not function for any other account. In that case, if you purchase Reforged then most likely doing so would unlock the HD fidelity assets for play in the game, but would not offer you additional simultaneous access to the game since it would be on the same account.

Another possible option for you might be if you start a new account, and then purchase Warcraft III on the new account. I have not investigated whether starting a new account is in violation of the EULA, so I cannot speak for that. But I do know that if a different account purchases Warcraft III Reforged, then that other account will be able to log in to the game independently from your current account because it is a different account.

I am not a technical support agent and I do not represent Blizzard Entertainment. I am only Retera, leaving my thoughts in case they are helpful as I pass by from the Twisting Nether.

Good luck,