User interface feedback

Hi. A few things that are uncomfortable for me when I play the game or watch replays.

(1) There is no time displayed in the game. The day/night cycles are difficult to understand. Is there a feature (command) that would display the in-game time for players? If not, please introduce one.

(2) When I watch replays and I click on the unit icon, it is impossible to see if a specific upgrade was already researched or not. For example, how can I see if the archer has improved bows researched or not? I always have to track, if such upgrade was already queued in one of the barracks.

(3) Once you finish the game and see the final table there are two options: watch replay or download replay. If you click watch replay and finish watching it, then you see the same final table, but then the option to download replay isn’t available anymore. Can you please fix it? Otherwise, I always have to find and rename LastReplay, …

Feel free to use this thread to add to the list of missing features.