Useful tip for submitting tickets

Over the time spent here i’ve seen a number of cases here of people saying they couldn’t get their tickets to submit. The ticket form requires you to submit two files, a dxdiag file and an msinfo file. There is a cap of 15MB on each file for submission. The problem is the msinfo file can routinely be much larger than 15 MB because it contains info basically every program crash you’ve ever had. To get your ticket to submit, you need to get the file size under 15 MB. Otherwise when you try to submit it will just go back to the submission form with no error message or explanation.

To fix this is simple. Open the msinfo.txt file you generated in Notepad. Hit ctrl-F and put in

[Windows Error Reporting]

to jump to that section. click at the start of it. Hold shift and press End on the keyboard to select everything from that point forward, and delete it, as they don’t need this section anyway. That should chop down the file to less than a megabyte in most cases, and then you will be able to successfully submit the ticket.

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