US East gone after recent hotfix?

No patch notes that US East servers were removed but when I host a game its now USW. You cannot find USE games on the custom game list anymore.

might just be temporary issue. I don’t see any games that have a ping low enough to be Chicago.

Still no US East… games between EU/US are much tougher on my EU friends…

every US host is USW, even as a USE player i get 100+ ping when I host and everything in the list is USW. Please fix

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Blizzard support is closing my ticket as resolved/answered even though they have done nothing about the USE servers… this issue is 49 days old as of this comment and still no official communication.

same it’s just automated responses, nobody is actually reading what we’re telling them

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There isnt even an EU server anymore. Every game is on US west or on the Korean server, both of which are unplayable


It just keeps getting worse… bnet slowly getting shutdown for Wc3:Refunded?

Still no blue posts on this topic so we can start to assume the worst…

Any updates?

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The silence from blue posts… my ticket tells me to post here but we never get a reply.


now everyone’s laid off maybe bing chat can put the US East servers back online @microsoft

Also wondering the same but I know full well they don’t care.

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possible to @kaivax or blue poster?

US east still down

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Any update on this?

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It would be nice if you could re-add the US East servers. They have been down for months now.

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Any communication on this would be appreciated at this point…

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