Unranked bugged

Despite choosing unranked you get into ranked games a lot of the time, last night it did seem to work again but my first game today I got a ranked game in unranked again, next few games it seems to work again. Seems to be unstable.

  • I’m pretty sure I get ranked opponents in unranked: I can see my opponents mmr on the loading screen, I also asked one player who confirmed they had chosen ranked.

  • My mmr changes after the game.

  • Stats count in my overall profile stats (I don’t think they used to for unranked) and also in the ranked tab, for example I haven’t played a single night elf game for this season and I can still see the stats for them in the ranked tab.

  • I get placement games in unranked.

I’m not sure how it worked before this patch but I don’t think you (usually) got ranked opponents and don’t recall stats being counted. In any case, unranked should be a casual game mode where a bad player like me can practice without being punished by lowered mmr when you lose, stats counted in profile and tougher opponents. For most factions I’m not good enough to even get close to 50% stats so why would I want to play them in ranked until I feel more comfortable with them, unranked is good for that.