Unfinished graphics of reforged

The graphics still look unfinished. Blizzard, why? Where is the global light and shadow? Where is the post-processing that you showed in the demo 2018? Why do models still look like some kind of modders just shoved them into the game? (By the way, the return of the storm china’s mod will be released soon, and in this mod everything looks more restrained and in the whole style of the game, and pleasing to the eye, while the reforged one does not cause sensations that are pleasing to the eye, the eyes have to strain due to too much brightness and the lack of dark shadows that were shown to us in the demo 2018)


The problem here is that high-poly models look strange with terrain that just got high res texturing and grass. They had to maintain the cartoony aesthetics of the original meshes, or significantly improve terrain detailing to fit unit meshes. They chose the third options and we got what we’ve got =(

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Maybe you could like one of the ReShade presets: https://sfx.thelazy.net/games/game/2274/

I doubt that they will change the graphics, although the new models don’t fit to the terrain with the current graphics.

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The cartoon has nothing to do with it, they showed pretty good graphics in the demo 2018, but it isn’t in the release, in the release we didn’t even get what we showed and promised


There? I mean someone the other day was messing around with the intensity of output from the HDR shader as well as changing the direction of real-time cast shadows.

I use this mod, and believe me, this is nothing more than children’s fun, it doesn’t fix the game and doesn’t even put it next to what we were shown at the demo 2018, shadows and lights are just an illusion, the more mod adds excessive sharpness and artificial contrast to the overall a picture that makes your eyes strain, which makes it very unpleasant for a long time to admire this with Reshade. In the demo 2018, everything is natural, there are no artificial shadows, artificial contrast, real global light, enhanced shadows, post processing, etc.


You were not given any promises. Please, stop this disillusion. They said what they would like to do - the WC3 community went up in arms and full of rage over their proposed changes.
People didn’t want big changes, so you didn’t get big changes.

If you want to blame anyone blame the people that said “Computer says no”.


The thing is - from what I see, in the demo we were shown only more postprocessing. The rest of visual problems come not from technical weakness of the engine (you can use reshade to get more post-effects), it’s weak artistic solution, which gets much more prominent in well-lit maps and during day time.

A trailer is an advertisement. Advertisement is a promise. They promised tod deliver what they shown. They did not.


Advertisements are a fake representation of a product in order to convince you to buy it. Not a promise. Or maybe smoking really is healthy cause all the ads said so back in the day.


You were not given any promises. Please, stop this disillusion.

Friend, look at the 2018 announcement trailer. It promised “remastered maps and campaign”, “remastered UI and world editor”, “4k resolution”, among other things. Look at the demo, too. The lighting, shadows, terrain. That’s the actual gameplay, that they advertised. That’s what they promised. To go even further, they promised to preserve the original game as well. Look how that turned out…

And so, my friend, listen to and adhere to your own words:

Please, stop this disillusion.

Indeed, please stop your lying, or stubborn denial, or whatever this is.


When you say “the WC3 community went up in arms and full of rage over their proposed changes.” they were up in arms and full of rage about rewritten dialogue and new voiceovers. Not the rest of whatever you’re conflating into that.


Can someone tell me more about this Chinese mod?

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It’s made in China.


Have you checked out one of my presets though? :smiley: Maybe there is one you could like, even if it’s not housemade by Blizz.

And where does the people who did not want changes and post processing in the game? New effects and lighting, where do they come from? Show me at least ONE person who would shout “no, I don’t want global light and high-quality shadows and post-processing! I want a soapy terrible pale poisonous disappointment!” Stop Carrying Delusions and Lies


When will there already be a fix that will add the visual level shown to us in the demo version on Con 18??? When will you add that very visual post-processing! ???

All they need to fix the schedule is all. When will there already be a fix that will add the visual level shown to us in the demo version on Con 18 !! ?? When will you add that very visual post-processing! Where is the lighting? Where are the shadows? there is nothing, I have not seen such plainness anywhere else. It is not really not clear that if the release had a picture of the Con 18 demo level, they would also be forgiven for not converted cut scenes, because on such a graph the old classic cut scenes would have looked powerful. And they would be forgiven for technical flaws, the game would then have received its honest 6 points for metacritic.

I don’t think there will be any post processing anymore. They even changed the advertisement of gameplay in reforged site. They’re advertising the graphics we have now. If you’re angry, blame the community that asked for #Nonochanges, and “pc says no”. People can’t express themselves without the irrational and annoying rage all the time nowadays, so that’s what you get for all this constant and eternal and stupid rage/hate.

This is a huge issue I really hop Blizzard will will address!

Quote form this forum:
This is spot on the problem:
The 2018 demo had great Terrain, great Lighting and Reflections, it had an awesome UI that allows you more screen space. The realistic models,buildings and graphics have a lot of details that help us to better identify the things! The rendering and the colors / saturation in the demo were perfect and matched so well with the realistic modern look style of WarCraft 3 Reforged in this Demo!

To be honest they literally just pasted new models in the old engine.
It is a half done job and very disappointing.

Look at this interview, the new graphics was a big part of Reforged, along with new in-game cinematics.

This graphics on the environment form 2018 demo looks amazing! the released game is definitely not there yet.

Blizzard give the devs. the time to make this game as great as it deserves.

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Once again, show me at least ONE person who shouted “I do not want new shadows, high-quality global light and post-processing! I want a pale muddy, not high-quality disappointment!” Show at least one, you can’t show, but do you know why? And just because there are no such people. And there wasn’t. Blizzard just came up with excuses.