Undead Campain Ch 5 The Fall of Silvermoon gold mine bug

In the Undead campaign on the quest The fall of Silvermoon. Once the Silvermoon Defender base is conquered. There is no gold mine to harvest to press further on in the mission. Ive looked through the reports, and found I am not the only one to report the same concern to this fail company. The other report was in Sept. Nearly 3 months ago… FIX THE PRODUCT YOU SOLD TO CONSUMERS FOR $40! You worthless scum bags! What a bunch of POS failures that comprise this company. You can’t even fix a simple bug on a game that was already perfected 20 years ago, by better developers than the losers at there Blizzard now. Good job, failures! Truly, bravo! What innovative ideas and products you have supplied the gaming market with. You all must be proud of yourselves for leeching off of the success of games you’ll never be able to even replicate. Let alone do an original piece of your own. Failures!