UI request

Change the look of top part of ingame UI (the one with clock resources and so on) . It looks ugly and outdated.



they showed off the new UI back in 2018, its just not finished yet which is why its not in the current beta… just wait and you will be given the choice of which UI you want to use

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How do you know this? There’s no proof they’ll give us any different UI than what’s in the beta.


They’ve shown it in the 2018 Demo at Blizzcon. Why make an UI they aren’t gonna use?


You’re telling us they didn’t finish a freaking UI in a year? The last year’s UI was a placeholder one mostly. As far as i heard they won’t add a new UI with release which is ridiculous. Old UI is made for 4:3 screens and looks ugly as f in 16:9 . This might be Blizzard’s worst game ever…


It was never a placeholder. Watch the gameplay trailer. The new UI is an official feature and will look the same as 2018 Demo.

We all agree.

I like the Ui from 2018! Hope for this be in launch.


No way to know why they decided to scrap it but it’s a fact they won’t be using it.

Where is that factually written exactly?

that was used only for the humans. other races would need different versions. the old interface would take less time to adapt for the beta.

So, it takes 1 year for Blizzard to adapt an UI ?..

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blizzard have likely been focusing on gameplay elements rather than interface.

Because the UI in the game now is not the old UI. It’s a remade UI to look the same as the old. Which implies that they ditched a modern design and went back to the old. This absolutely needs to be adressed.

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my theory is that the one shown at blizzcon 2018 was meant to be only for the campaign and not for multiplayer.

The UI shown in 2018 blizzcon had the same top part as the old one. I’d like to see that changed.