U must see this!

u will not be disappointed.
10 of 10 for this !


Ahhahaha this is epic !!! More of this please !!!


Bah I just came here to post this lol


This is gold!


Several such situations are able to be made, here’s a few.

Uther: “Your community kept this game alive for 17 years… And you’ve ground it to dust in a matter of days.”
Arthas: “Very dramatic, Uther. Give me the Custom Maps and I will make sure you die quickly.”
Uther: “These maps hold your fans creativity, Arthas! What, were you hoping to piss on them one last time before you left your IP to rot!?”
Arthas: “Hehehehe… I didn’t even care what they held. Nor does it matter. I’ll take what I came for one way or another.”

Muradin: “You lied to your customers and betrayed the employees who worked for ye! What’s happening to you, Blizzard? Are shareholders all that’s important to ye!?”

Activision: “Come, Blizzard, and claim your destiny. You will all be rich.”
Blizzard: “And what must we give in return?”

Blizzard: “So predictable. I knew you would come, and I see you brought the mighty map developers. Their maps are mine, as is your whole misbegotten game!”
Fans: Ask for refunds
Blizzard: “A worthy effort, but futile!”
Blizzard issues forum bans
Blizzard: "The fanboys believed you could be saved, but they didn’t know what burns within your EULA. Within your heart, you know Blizzard and Activision are the same.
New Customer: files a complaint for False Advertising
Blizzard: issues refunds in their final death throes
New Customer: “Fans. The Ban has been lifted. Reforged has burned out from my account. I… have… refunded… myself.”
New Customer’s account is voluntarily deleted
Fans: “No, old friend. You’ve refunded us all.”




So on point!

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That is really well done!

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Priceless, lol.

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terryfying good

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Seeing this is funny yet sad… it sucks that we seem to love and care about this game more that the people who “made” it. (speaking for those who did Reforged)

Warcraft 3 has sort of a cult following, the same way Star Trek, or Monty Python, or Star Wars, or LotR does… we grew up with it, we know it, we love it, we can quote it from memory and heart… AND WE GET UPSET WHEN OUR BELOVED GAME GETS TRASHED.

I’ve had 2 accounts and multiple posts blocked and deleted on this forum just for speaking out about this. Blizzard is dead. This is now 100% Activision.


this is cringy AF

Why wouldnt we cry? You would also cry if someone destroyed thing you love most of your life in one day… what else we can do? Than cry or be angry here on forum… I realy wanted to like it… but the game gave me only new models for my 30$… and as someone who still plays Dungeon Keeper 1 I dont realy care about models… there was a lot of things promised and in the end we lost more of them with Battlenet 2.0

Lmao the voice acting is actually pretty good!!

Just try to channel your energy into something constructive
If you love wc3 so much, give them feedback on what you want changed and how you want the game to be, constructively, actual things.
It s fair to criticize them, based on your expectations, sure.
However that video is cringy AF still and the guy that did it is a leech that lives off crapping on games and gaming companies on youtube… and calls them gaming news. So fahck that.

This is gold.

Amazing haha

he did better voice acting than entire new voicelines in reforged

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You do realize saying that is practically committing social suicide, right? Yong is one of the most well respected video game reviewers out there, alongside Yahtzee and Jim Sterling.

Pretty sure the game re-used most of the 2002 audio.