Today I won a 2v2 with PERSEVERANCE, not with Strategy


We loaded in.

My ally was getting invaded by Undead, I tried to help

I failed.

My ally left the game.

It’s just me now.

I sent a peasant to the middle of nowhere to build a new base…a desperate last hope.

My first base was getting pummeled.

The opponents, seeing how they were easily going to win, left the game as well.

“You Won”

The game said.

Moral of the Story:

“Even a losing battle can be won with Perseverance” - Hlimbard, 2019

You may quote me on that.


if your opponents just quit out of boredom/time then its not really a win, I mean you got the victory screen sure, but its not like you legit beat 2 players after losing your ally


I win 30% of my matches on Reforged Beta because I have a new 2019 computer and a 2080 Ti and the opponent loses because their computers will crash or desync, but mine never does. I won through out of game accumulation of wealth which I earned through years of hard work.