To mamy request login

I have battlenetnapp. I run w3 but it ask me to login again. When i login Ask me about captcha. After captcha long time loading. 2-3 min answer “to mamy request” i can login or exit. Cant run game offline.

I cant send u photo how this problem but I Heard basestack Dortmund raraland have a same problem.

Can u help me?

if you’re logged in on the app it shouldn’t ask you to log in in-game. suggests games not installed correctly or some third party process is interfering.

So logout full from website and try login b net app. That’s u mean?

Yes. Log into the Desktop application then launch the game.

Thank you!

  1. Learn English, alternatively use some translate apps, there are a lot online also for free! (eg. “mamy”, “battle net napp”, small “i”, By the way who is “basestack Dortmund raraland” ?)

  2. Make sure password is good. Or change to an easier one, maybe caps lock activated by mistake or accidentaly sometimes you press shift key, or space. It happens with me also.

  3. If not than go right side of page up where your name is displayed, click on it than click on Support and open official ticket. Like this customer support will help you, reset account, advise you to make update or re-install battenet or entire game, whatever.

Good luck, and the best is to Americano or British English, second best: use translators!

What does that have to do with this thread?

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