Think we will ever see a content update for WC3?

Personally I’d love to see an addition of a new race, like a fully fleshed out Naga or Burning Legion faction, and maybe some extra heroes and units for all factions. Maybe separate the ladders into “Classic” being the original 4 and “Reforged” with the new factions and units.

Is it possible? I know there are mods but they are terribly janky or unbalanced.

There is no development team behind this game. You are talking about years of work from a dedicated team.

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Last year development was moved to a group under the main Warcraft team. They’ve completed a lot of the updates that the original team left behind. Apparently they sent out some surveys recently that hinted at the possibility of a “soft relaunch”.

But even if that does take place, it would be something closer to how Reforged was promoted when it was announced over four years ago. And even then additional races were beyond the scope of the project or what would normally be considered a content update.

A realistic content update would probably revolve more around following through on some more of the changes originally planned for the campaigns and adding some paid cosmetics here and there.

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Additional races cant work remember warcraft 3 happens before wow and even in warcraft 3 they tell u the back story of the naga and they explain why ogres arent with the horde. You cant really add new stuff like that without completely reconning the entire game and also remember warcraft 3 ONLY touches things after the events of warcraft 2 it doesnt do flashbacks prior to that so it wouldnt work

No is not!
Hope they fix to work at similar level that they released Frozen Throne (back in 2003).
And I hope they also stop balancing races until they ruin everything.
for example: Liquid fire - was nerfed, ability is useless now!

I mean the last patch had new maps, so, I think that qualifies as a “content update” ?

it’s not useless, repairing a building with liquid fire on it is, most of the time, going to be a futile effort and just wasted resources on a building that will go down anyway. The only real perk of this change is people don’t get annoying error popups if they happen to make the attempt. Repairing at 20% effectiveness is not likely to matter in normal battle situations. This only really has an effect if the defending player has no anti-air at all and the attacker sends just one or two batriders over, where they can just click on every building to put fire on it, slowly but surely wearing the structures down becuase the player cant stop it.

Most of the time, people use a bunch of batriders and trying to repair against that is going to be absolutely futile.

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So because some people mis-used bats, and other got errors , they destroyed a 20 year old ability ! Nice move Blizzard !

Any tactic the game allows is a valid tactic, no one “misused” it, but it was considered cheap by a lot of people.

The ability is far from “destroyed.” This change has very little impact in most situations.

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