There was an error in handling the request

I just spent 40 euros on the game and I cannot join,
it is saying There was an error in handling the request
how to solve this problem???
I have new Mac 14 pro 2022 year

I have the same problem “There was an error in handling the request”

No issues over here, normally that message means there’s a server issue, but an hour out from this thread, no trouble connecting here. Check back again, if it still doesn’t work, you can just refund it, Refunds on war3 are no-quesitons-asked.


The error message, “There was an error in handling the request” has a few different meanings:

  • The order hasn’t been finalized yet(Most common reason). Though most payment options are nearly instant some can take between 10 minutes to a few hours. Make sure to confirm your order history that the order is completed Here.

  • Desktop app cache hasn’t updated to the change. Normally you just need to restart the PC to ensure all the processes have reset.

  • Issues connecting to our game servers, follow our troubleshooting [Here] (Warcraft III: Reforged Connection Problems - Blizzard Support).

That is true this error can occur if the game is down for maintenance. No server issues or maintenance was occurring when this thread was started or since. Strasak you have played since you posted, you may have already resolved this issue on your own let us know if you are still running into any problems! Scropion You may need to troubleshoot the connection, restart the computer and retest.

Thank you.


Although I doubt that was the intention, this reads like you’re calling someone out as a liar, when most likely any issue they had was resolved one way or another.

Just saying. the way this is worded my be a bit lacking in tact.

Howdy CaptainJack!

Not my intentions at all! Thanks so much for calling this out. My intent was to say this error stops you from playing so when I looked into each player I noticed one was playing the game already since posted so it was likely self resolved and I should have said that!

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