The visual direction isn't a lore fault (pacific feedback)

(this is not a rage thread, but a feedback)

I invite you to read this article:

It’s true that there has been a warning not to change things in lore an extreme way. … but Lore and visual direction are not the same thing.

Many are taking this video as an “downgrade example”

in truth, if you have to see only the graphics together with the micro-animations, the game has improved a lot in details:

Today I read the following comment from the developers:

I was very disappointed with this statement. Because the problem is that the developers have huge visual direction skills that never fail to be shown in WoW missions. The same story can be reproduced perfectly in the same way (dialogues, subjects, pause times, context, etc.), but when you have the opportunity to repropose it, an added value must also be given. The added value that many saw at Blizzcon 2019 was also just that simple change of the angle view on the characters: same dialogues but with a scenic representation that puts the public in agreement on enhancing the memory of the game. The historical fixed camera on the scenario was a limitation of the era that today can be safely overcome and that the blizzcon 2018 has shown to be possible.

Dear developers, what the user is accusing about the quality is not the good work of the game’s animators and modelers (apart bugs and missing functionality). NO ONE is saying that it has gotten worse in that department, and if they say it means they are unfounded rumors. The REAL problem is that there are added values that go beyond the simple “but the models have improved” and one of these was the management of the scenes, which indeed would have provided some nice references to true fans of the lore, even without any variation in dialogues or events. I feel the same bitterness as Starcraft Remastered that has done nothing new in its kinematics apart from the resolution. Warcraft Reforged even showed up with a total remake of the opening movie although it was already more sophisticated than Starcraft 1. “Remastered” would have been a more appropriate title, because “Reforged” also sounds like a promise of going beyond the limits they had in the past. We all know the delays that Blizzard has on the market, if you need more time … you are welcome, take more time to create a good visual direction while keeping the game unaltered.

a good continuation for future patches, but I’m afraid it’s too late… there is more sorrow than anger. :pensive: