The roar of Druid of the Claw should change to unit target

The night elf is so brainless in micro: for all the other three races, the inner fire of Human, blooding of shaman of orc, cripple of Necro of UD all all unit target. You need click units one by one to case. What the micro required for NE? So brainless race

“i suck against NE therefore change this thing cuz I don’t like it”

If it was single target it would be aboslute garbage unless it was buffed quite a bit (and given autocast), it doesn’t make sense for a roar to not affect whatever can hear it, and if you did make it a single target autocast, it would be way too similar to Inner Fire.


Druids of the Talon. Claw’s Rejuvenate. DH constantly needs to move to get as many units with Immolate as possible while having to adjust because the opponent also micros their stuff.

You use Druids of the Talon against Human/Orc? You use Claw’s Rejuvenate in a fight? DH is more valunarable than AM and needs more move?

dm more vulnerable than am lol first time i ever heard that

I would most certainly do such a thing. Cyclone is incredible temporary removal of key units and heroes while you deal with the rest with Faerie Fire and focus fire. Oh hey, your opponent brings a Far Seer, some Shamans and Tauren? Now there is no Tauren and the Demon Hunter has already burned off half the Seer’s mana and the Shamans are on fire.

By the time you’ve forced the Seer to retreat with maybe a few scraps of forces, the Tauren fall back down and you kill them off easily cuz they are slow and bulky. And of course your units are more or less at full health cuz Rejuvenate exists and Roar makes you clean house even more quickly.