The Reforged campaign is broken again!

In the latest patch, the entire Reforged campaign is completely broken. Everything that was added in the latest updates has been removed from the game. For example, Winterspring now looks like Ashenvale forest again, Silvermoon and Sunwell have also lost their changes. Why was it even necessary to remove these changes and go back to the old patch? Why can’t you just fix technical bugs, many of which are over a year old (!)? Blizzard, you release rare patches with endless balance fixes for multiplayer, instead of dealing with the real problems of the game. Warcraft is not an online strategy game, it is a game with an interesting story campaign, for which Warcraft is loved by millions. Just return the old patch and fix all the technical problems in it. That’s it! No more need to invent anything! I hope Blizzard will hear me if they have any respect for those who buy their games and play them.


Reverting these changes wasn’t necessary at all, all that needed to happen was fixing whatever makes weather effects crash :melting_face:

I agree. In general, the main problem of Reforged is graphical errors. It is unclear what prevents you from fixing all the bugs at all? Patches are released once a year, but they don’t fix anything!

now hold on there, plenty of things have been fixed, it’s just that they inexplicably make bad decisions that are inconsistent with the very good decisions that they sometimes make too

I still hope that there will be more very good solutions. Although…