The mountain giant is too imba

Just some mountain giant block the way, three heroes with Orb of Venom at behind, such no micro army beat my 100-food T3 Human ground army with motar/rifle and sprit fire and I got 80% of the creeps. What is the balance between Human vs Night elf? It’s impossible for human to win at late stage.

At least you developer should add some burning damage to the Orb of Fire, like the poison damage of the NE’s orb. Hum lack damage too much compared to NE.

I mean dealing with MGs is simple, just keep pressing the attack command to override their provoking effect.

MGs are 7 food and aren’t that strong outside of their ability to tank damage. But that’s easily countered by just paying attention.

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They can block the way and no way to get around them to attack the backline!

Any unit can do that


LMAO. You use footmen do that? One panda/DH kills all. Play some real games plz

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You can obstruct enemy movement with literally anything. The pathing is so clunky in this game it really isn’t that hard.

    • okay, literally anything except air units

Mass Knights and/or Gryphon Riders and they will counter MGs. At least one Priest should cast Inner Fire. Paladin is also a good hero for that.
NE lacked a massive unit in RoC, therefore MGs are important and they do not need nerf.

I wish I could have used them when Illidan attacked Tichondrius.

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NE bought 3 orbs and the knights block each other and crispy as paper…

This is a difficult post to take seriously.