The game keeps logging me out

As described at title, I can’t even play a single multiplayer game due to logged out. Login again but it still log me out in seconds!


I’ve started having the same problem. It was working fine earlier today, but now i get logged of every 15 seconds.


I’m getting the same issue now its worked fine since release and now its constant disconnects.


Considering this is an extremely game breaking bug, you think a post like this would get a response quickly, huh?
But yes, Same issue, yadda yadda yadda.
I get to menu screen fine, go to versus, no issue, que up for 1v1,2v2, ect, it searches.
Now TJIS is where problems start, if it doesn’t cut the que search and force me in perma search where I need to close the game entirely, it ques me up for a game as it should, then, just before actually loading in to the game, it logs me out, while removing any way to log back in, thus, again, force me to close the game entirely.


This just started happening to me too, No issues at all till today at 7:25 PM & i never had this issue with TfT. Good stuff blizzard, Thanks for ruining another game you mongloids.
Do the community a favor and don’t remaster anything anymore if you’re just going to take a huge piss on it and ignore the community when feedback is given.


I’m having this same issue. I cant play the game with friends because I’m logged out a few seconds after logging in. It’s impossible to play online.


For the the freeze/crashes that occur while searching for a versus game, at the point the match is found, there is some good news. Bliz has acknowledged it and is actively working on it.

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Same problem. Login, play a game, login again repeat

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The same issue! Guys! i even change the Laptops! I got brand new asus tuf gaming, and its keep logging me out of the game, every time once the game is over the menu appears “play offline”. The funny moment, that sometimes its happening during the loading process for VERSUS, then once everything is loaded, its giving me that menu where i need to log in again, i just push ESC button, And for some reason the game is running, and i was able to play against opponent, BEEING OFFLINE???REALLY?? what is going on? I DON’T EVEN WANT TO PLAY ANYMORE! This so SAD!

Hi guys, I have very similar issue. I’m connected to battle (without any problems) and when I run W3 Reforged, my Battle net app is disconnected. Due to I can’t access the game, there is an error about “Error processing request”. I can’t play even offline. When I exit the game, my connection is restored.

Hey there,

Lets go ahead and grab a winMTR so we can further investigate the problem. Here are the instructions:

  1. Download the tool from this page
  2. Enter the game IP into the “host” field. The IP address for our games are listed on the winMTR instructions page
  3. Start the test and play the affected game for at least 15 minutes. Ensure the problem happens while the winMTR tool is running.
  4. After recording the problem data, click “export text” and save the winMTR file in an easy to find location.
  5. Once you have that made, open the file. You’ll need to copy and paste the contents of the Text document into the post, and put four Tilde (~) marks above the winMTR. It’ll look like this:
WinMTR goes here

If you have issues pasting here, please use Pastebin and post the link (ex: Pastebin (dot) com/123456).

i downloaded and ran this stupid tool on both North America IPs provided. now you cant post links in these stupid damn reply’s. So how am i supposed to post results ? this is stupid… WHY AM I BEING KICKED OFFF BATTTTLE NET. jesus. its a 12 year old game with new graphics.


same issue here. was playing fine since release, today i cannot play as every few seconds it appears to log me out of battlenet. if i am lucky, i can join a lobby before it DCs, but i have not been able to stay online long enough to actually start a game.

tried reopening wc3, tried switching to classic mode, tried restarting bnet, tried repairing the game. nothing affects it.

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I am having issues with becoming consistently disconnected from versus games on WC3 Reforged. About ten minutes into the game, i experience lag spikes, followed by becoming frozen, then the game ends with me disconnected. This is extremely frustrating when the game is good or especially when i am winning, and i get disconnected.

I followed the technical support steps in resetting my network and limiting memory usage during game play.

My want is for a clarification on whether or not it is something on my side or if your team is developing a solution to an issue on your end. Please Respond.



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To update my issue: I uninstalled and reinstalled the game right after I started having issues. I believe I had the same constant logging off issue when I started up after reinstalling. When I tried the next day I was able to play without issue.

I think the logging off issue appeared one other time, and I restarted my computer to fix it. I am no longer having any issues. I first noticed the problem when I accidentally attempted to open Warcraft 3 when it was already open/running. I don’t know if that causes the problem consistently or not.

My game also started to randomly crash now. What is even going on?

i’m starting to get forced logged off as well. Pretty disappointing

X to doubt

It was a known bug during beta. And shouldn’t have existed in the first place.

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