The Frozen Throne Campaigns

The entire Reign of Chaos, I think one crash? Frozen Throne campaigns crash like crazy. What is this? I mean it’s a joke. Not to mention the forums being bugged not allowing me to post saying I must own the game, when I very well do. The game has been awesome… but these crashes are so bad. It’s been three years and this happens. What a joke. It’s been worth the money… until these campaigns. First chapter of the Blood Elf campaign and I had a crash reverting 18 minutes of waiting for the town to be built. Does not feel good.


Yo tengo el mismo problema al parecer. La campaña de las elfas de la noche crashea y cierra la aplicacion. La he comenzado varias veces sin resultado diferente. En serio tan mal suporteado está el juego?

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me pasa lo mismo jugando la campaña de la sentinelas capitulo 4, juego un par de minutos y se cierra el juego, favor ayuda

Only thing I can tell you OP is delete all the saved files. I did that and found that I had too many saved files so it caused it to crash evetime it got to autosave.

The crash is probably new with the 2022 version of Reforged. If you don’t like it, perhaps contact PlaySide Studios company, to whom development of Reforged has been outsourced.