Thank you for testing the 1.33 PTR

We have now closed the 1.33 test environment for public testing. We will continue our 1.33 testing internally, and we’ll let you know when we’re ready to patch the live game.

Thank you very much for all of your testing and feedback.


Thank you.

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Please do continue to look through the threads on this forum as there are many issues that still need resolving.


In the vein of this also being a discussions forum, whoever at Blizzard is in charge, remember that you have a community, hundreds if not thousands of people who’d be happy to test further, and even advise your development team to which bugs are severe and require immediate fixing for both melee and custom games. The game core might be 20 years old, but the community has been around for just as long, using, playing, documenting, learning, teaching, thriving. A private channel of communication might be optimal so even exploits can be reported without making their abuse worse.
No list of bug reports can be as good as having someone that can also explain the specifics of each issue in a short time and with all the extra detail you might need.

This is not an expectation to reach out, but a reminder that you can, and that it will likely be beneficial to all parties involved. People making and maintaining tools are good to start with for all the technical aspects, as model editors, host bots, map converters and world editors are among the projects that require the most knowledge of game internals, so poke us to help. Let’s make the game better for everyone, melee and custom players alike, in a future where things don’t break on every major patch anymore.


key figures of the community are more than willing to continue QA for Warcraft3. Please learn how to reach out and talk to them to prevent a broken 1.33 since we never know what the last patch for WC3 will be. The shipped patch needs to be in a clean and usable state without breaking 3rd party tools or essential editor functions.


Please don’t rush this.


Alright, I assume that you guys have an internal log with the reported issues, but as others said the community is willing to explain further some of the issues in case you guys have questions


“I stand ready.”

Dear Blizzard,

I can only agree with my colleagues above. We are here, we are not angry and we want to help.

Taking the PTR away and testing the final release without us looking over it is a mistake. Fixing a bug can cause another. Let us help.

Thank you.


The most recent 1.33 PTR wasn’t in particularly good shape with some features in worse shape than they were on the previous PTR. There’s a lot of doubt in the community over whether the internal testing will be sufficient.

This is a pretty important time if you want to regain the trust of the community. Will you be committing to getting WC3R to the spot it should have been in over two years ago or will you be adding these features that were promised again one year ago and then leaving it in whatever shape that puts it in?

In other words : We don’t have enough players they all left for W3C. I was right when nobody play it til 1 week now.

It’s too soon, the game is not ready yet, more patches please, i have never felt so productive while testing a game, keep em coming!

wow what a cool and necessary response thank u for sharing

Make sure the game actually takes you to the main menu before releasing it on Mac. Otherwise all Mac users will be left out of the game.

Please do not push this patch to live yet. There’s too many issues with it. Instead please make an effort to reach out to key members of the community: Back2Warcraft, Followgrubby, Hiveworkshop or Wtii. Get the discussion going!
Those members have already made countless efforts to get in touch with Blizzard and make this a success but Blizzard seems unreachable. Do it properly this time around!

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maybe if you post it again something will happen :0

Put the patch out, we all know its likely to be the last one the game ever sees and that you will never fix anything after this patch so just release the 2 year in the making patch already.

To those of you who keep saying not to put the patch out and for blizzard to reach out to members of the community, what planet are you guys living on?

Blizzard reach out to its community? This patch has been over 2 years in the making and contains nothing short of features they advertised the game would be released with (AND were in the original of 20 years ago) but you want them to postpone this 2 plus year patch so that the community can continue to do the developers job for them?

Grow up. There isnt another company in the world with the open disdain for its base that blizzard has. The excuses you people make for Blizz are pathetic.

“blizzard needs to show that they care about the community releasing this unfinished patch that breaks core game features” go away lol

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Very good. Good you listened to us (true fans).
Now bring this baby online.
And just remove this zoom. Nobody wants this.

Thanks for listening to community.

lots of people want zoom, ur wrong there, we just need the implementation to be better