Texture issue with Tidal Guardian

Since I can’t post the images I had ready, or even links, I’ll just leave a note:

The Naga unit “Tidal Guardian” has a texture issue.
Not when viewed in the PTR map editor.
Not when entering the game through “Test Map” in the editor.
But ingame as entered through the PTR client — Custom Maps → Create → Start.


Edit: The bug is in classic mode.
Edit2: Adding images through the forbidden knowledge of dark forum lords


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yeah please post a link reply for us here

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oh wow… maybe the texture got corrupted when building? seems like a weird bug

The issue above remains in the PTR released today.

To reproduce it: open editor in SD – place a Tidal Guardian – save map in SD – put it in map folder – open PTR – create custom game – choose map and start – texture is still messed up

i can confirm that it is there but, there is an easier way to test it. just take test map with the client running in SD mode. seems that they removed the water from the SD model.

This is still present on 19019


Yeah, can confirm that it is still happening

good zoomin. i already confirmed yesterday that the problem exists, which was after the game was patched. i tested it on both my gtx 650 ti boost and my gtx 1660 ti mobile. i tested it after today`s patch and it is still there.

The bug is still present in the latest release.

This probably won’t be fixed until next year, if ever.

PTR update is released (but not multiplayer) and this bug is still present :frowning:


Welp, looks like it will never get fixed then. I wonder if Microsoft will do any better with this game…

For build 19836 (nearing the 1.35.0-release) this is still not fixed.

This affects more than just the vanilla Naga buildings. Any custom model using their assets is also broken, of which there are many.