Sudden Obsene Losing Streak

I do not understand this game. I had a record of 49/49 in 4v4, which was about what I expected when I started playing. But then, out of nowhere, I end up on a 14 game losing streak. I sincerely do not get it. I am not good, I am not claiming I am not part of the problem. But the whole point of “random” and “mmr” is that the good and the bad should roughly balance out. And it was doing that. Until it wasn’t. It was freakish: I even managed to completely hobble an enemy player in the early game once, cancelled his expo “without him actually hitting cancel” like two or three times in one game but that team ended up winning anyway.

Blizzard needs to ban those who quit right when the game starts. It will never happen though because it has been going on since the game was created and they obviously don’t care. RT vs AT is another absolute joke.

Streaks happen, no matter how hard you try to build a fair matchmaking system (note I’m not making excuses for it, there are some very clear issues specific to team modes), Even though the goal is to get you to a rating where you will win 50% of the time, that doesn’t mean win one lose one, it could very easily be win 5 lose 10 win 1 lose 2 win 6 or something like that.

My advice to everyone in every game in this situation is take a break or play a different mode after losing 3 games.

If you keep playing when you’re on a sour streak you’re going to get tilted and you’re only going to play worse. Best to just cut your losses and come back a little later.