Sudden disconnects

Since the latest update i have seen a new issue arise and heard the same from other users. In the middle of a Versus game, without any local network issues in the home, the gameplay freeze for 3 seconds then you are disconnected.

In my opinion it got worse after the latest patch, much worse.

This makes me really furious. I’m glad you have sorted a lot of other issues, but these types of issues are the worst. Makes the game unplayable basically, when your are disconnected suddenly without a reason.


I came straight here - I just got dc’d again in versus which makes me about 30% of the time that I’ve been playing where it will freeze up and I’m in the score screen without any error message to even report. It used to say “desync” sometimes at least, now I have no idea what to even say about it.

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I also have the same issue, and right at this moment, I’m just stuck in connecting, game doesnt get past this screen

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Can’t play anymore either. I’m stuck and can’t connect to

I have disconnects whenever my internet drops like 0,5 seconds. Discord and twitch still running, but warcraft 3 just drops my game… never had this just prior the beta only since last 2-3 patches. any solution (rebooted internet/router, re-installed warcraft 3, I’m directly plugged in (not via wifi), firewalls accept war3, etc…)

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Agreed. I did not have this particular problem in wc3 reforged 2 months ago. It is definitely after the latest patch + Corona