Stop saying that game needs to be delayed before it's too late!

lol,I found a friendly looking snowman in Ice Crown Props…It’s makes me laugh to think that he was build by the Scoyrge or Lich-King himself X)

This is true entirely, there’s a lot of stuff that is missing.

Plus not just this, units like the human peasant need to be reworked, current one looks like the guy that tried to r*pe ellie in the last of us, totally not a “harmless” looking guy.

Also the northrend tree wall has snow on it, that was the only “dead tree” wall in warcraft 3, it’s used on thousands of maps for a reason, and they added ice to it, now all maps including dota look out of place. they broke thousands of maps willingly.

I wouldn’t want my Peasants to be harmless. I want those Orcs to know there will be price to pay, if they even try to raid.

Every household should at least have one musket!

In my opinion they shouldn’t look harmless…Especially when they tower rushing you X)
And also this look is perfect for their sort of dumb and r3tarded voice X)

“I want a potentially lesser product than what we could get just because I’m impatient.”


We will get potentially lesser product either way because of pro’s and purists,no matter how much time we will wait
In fact - the game could turn into something even more ugly in the process,because people out there asks for horrible feedbacks

This goes both ways.

There could be more feedback that Blizzard does or doesn’t listen to and the only way we’d know what changes could still happen would be if they delayed it for more dev time. To parse and take in more feedback.

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What if they choose the wrong feedback and make models uglier for example…I’ve seen many people asking to give Arthas more “manly” face…Change Sylvanas look,add boring black jaw to Grom instead of his WoD tattoo…

It’s almost like if some feedback can be taken, so can more.

I added Feranor Steeltoe from Blackrock and Roll

might make a separate post for this

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I’m on quite a few Warcraft 3 discords and at least 70% of the people there are still excited for reforged (90 on others).

I just turned on Youtube, and all the recent warcraft 3 videos have the streamers back on Classic.

Reforged will be DoA.

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Plus many people aroud the whole world are straming this game,reviewing every update,talk about the Lore

Are you talking about that Reddit post that compares Stratholme tileset to the world editors? The one that was proven to use the wrong tileset (when he uses the correct one there is 0 difference) , no fog or no lightning effects

So I watched the new patch…And I still don’t get why game bust be delayed - It’s look awesome!

What? I’m talking about the darker grass clearly being more “visible” overall, current one feels too flat, no contrast at all.

The old one was looking plastic,with unrealistic lighting and boring colors
Current one is way more realistic

My bad then. It’s just a very common you see people on the forums outrage first, research second. So I just assumed that you were a part of that group, which is my fault :stuck_out_tongue: