Still no solution to the LOW FPS MENU SCREEN?

Its been more than a year and I still have <2 fps on the menu. Logging into the game is painful as it is. Nevermind watching replays, takes like 3 minutes to browse / get to the menu.


what is your specs? i have tested it on several pcs myself and never experience any issues. my pcs however have a lot of memory. if your does not, that could be your problem. i do not know that until you tell me your specs however.

this is a known issue, just read reddit or the forums. My specs are fine, it should run smoothly. It’s something about an issue between laptops and video cards (having >2 causes the issue)

its terrible we still don’t have a solution

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i already posted a possible solution in the main topic but, by refusing to post your specs, nobody will help you. even blizzard requires that to help you.

The menu rendering was something near the top of the priority late last year. Unfortunately, when the Classic Team was dissolved (as part of the larger Team 1 dissolution), development on Reforged all but stopped.

At this point there’s been no definitive or official announcement on what Bliz’s plan is for Reforged.

Please fix

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