Stats not working / reseted after every WC3 run


every time when i restart Warcraft or play it on the next day, my League is reseted and my stats remain always on 10:6 - while i played already plenty more games as just 16. Also the unlocking of pictures is not working.

Here is a screenshot how it looks In-Game: http s:// (delete the space)

I have to play every day 5 games to be placed into a league again. It’s really annoying.
I am playing the original Warcraft III (not reforged)

Blizzard can you help?

Try using W3Champions. The Blizzard ladder has been broken since day one and this game does not have active developer support.

This usually seems to be the result of a problem with the EU region server. if you switch to another region and then back, it may not work correctly.

“no developer support” is slightly inaccurate. we did get some fixes a week ago. Though they should have happened years ago.

I can only reccomend W3Cchampions if you’re a mid to high level player. If you’re a novice you’re going to have a bad time. Also, outside of FFA being broken again, the ladder itself seems to be more or less working as intended.

thanks for your reply guys! i am an old school / medium-skill wc3 gamer so will probably swap to W3Champions now - hopefully i can find some 2vs2 RT games there :slight_smile: also open to find AT partners! edit: tried now but nobody online for 2v2s *eughhh

Let’s cross the fingers that the devs hear our voice :crossed_fingers:

best of luck, the standard of skill is MUCH higher on W3C. I can not play on there because it’s just not fun. But I don’t really have a problem on bnet.

Aside from all this, you really shouldn’t have to use a mod to play the game. Only serious players are going to consider this, which is one of the reasons W3C leans heavily towards high skill players.

Rather than use W3C, my suggestion to you it to simply change regions. Stats are kept seperately, but the reality is, game matching is global, so it generally won’t affect your experience too much.

i found 3x 2vs2 games and enjoyed the skill level, but after that i had no luck to find further games anymore. I would love to see the functions from w3champions in the regular game/ladder…i don’t understand why the devs can’t implement the great ideas from there.

I ended up in the normal ladder again, playing just without correctly working stats.

Because they aren’t done professionally, and they would have to pay those people for their work to obtain the rights, it’s a complicated mess but generally you can’t just take stuff other people make and incorporate it into your own. They’d probably have to hire them directly and they aren’t about to spend any money on this game beyond what they absolutely have to, because it’s just not going to produce enough sales to justify it.

There’s nothing that bad design wise with the ladder, the only problem with it is the bugs. It’s better that they just fix the bugs, because their system is functionally easier to use than W3C.

My experience with W3C is I lost like 5 or 6 matches in a row and then it wasn’t able to match me to anyone anymore due to the rating gap. So there are definitely flaws with their system as well. Their system for custom games is also extremely limited, you can’t just play anything, only what they officially support. And honestly, seeing the number of people in the queue is somewhat abuseable, so that’s definitely not a feature they should imitate.

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