Spoils of War rewards

Debating buying the Spoils of War edition, but I don’t play WoW and I already have all 4 legendary heroes for HOTS. Is there any other compensation if you have the heroes in HOTS?

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No. There is nothing. It’s nice Blizzard give some rewards to theyr games from a game to an another, but the spoils of war edition reward for hots is the worse,they chose 4 heroes after war3 lore but those heroes have nearly 80% of hots players.

By the way it was about they are giving hots heroes in march, but my cousin miss Tyrande from those 4 and he still not get it from the spoil of war edition. (maybe they changed they minds about that rewads bcuz is nonsense to give 4 heroes that nearly everyone have them)

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The second guy who replied is completely incorrect.

He’s talking about WC3 when the other 2 were talking about HOTS.

well mostly incorrect, in regards to WC3 itself it’s 4 HERO UNIT skins, one of witch is Jaina by the looks of it. Here’s the source again: Grubby | Warcraft 3 REFORGED - Interview with Production Lead - Pete Stillwell - YouTube


If you talk about me, than i will inform you that, “the guy” who replied him was talking about his concers with the hots rewards.

I know Spoils of war edition gives: Meat wagon mount for wow, Mal’Ganis pet for d3, 4 lenegndary heroes for hots and 4 unic skins for war3r and consoles for SC.

But i was answering to this.

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You will get 4 hero skins for Wacraft Reforged.

Aside from the Hots heroes: Some special skins for Warcraft III heroes, 3rd War card back for Hearthstone, Meat Wagon mount for WoW, Tychondrias pet for Diablo III, console skins for Starcraft Remastered and Starcraft II.

By console skins you mean alternative UI?

Yeah. The border for the minimap, unit or group selection, portrait, and command card. Probably something that would look similar to the console in Reforged.

I actually think they may have changed their minds about that. The site used to say 4 hero skins, but that got deleted at some point. It doesn’t even mention the Diablo 3 reward (which is just a pet, slightly more useful than the card back skin for Hearthstone). I don’t even know why anyone would be salty about the HOTS nonreward. They’ve already said HOTS is basically in maintenance mode and they killed the esports league for it.

Take a deep look into it

And yet they keep coming out with new characters. Sounds like more than maintenance mode to me. Just because the Esports is dead, doesn’t mean the game is dead. There are still a ton of people playing it. Just saying since it still doesn’t matter if you already own the characters.

Just something to keep in mind also is that there could be a limited time pre-purchase bonus reward.

They have ofc done pre-purchase exclusives in the past such as Noire Widowmaker skin in Overwatch or the yellow wings in Diablo so I wouldn’t be surprised if we get an extra something in the game for pre-purchasing Reforged.