Some helpful stuff for custom map creators

Howdy fellas, I’ve been working on adding functionality to GUI triggers recently. In this link, you will find files that you can use for better organization of the trigger action list, as well as additional functions previously not listed in GUI (stuff like removelocation, getlocalplayer, BlzChangeMinimapTerrainTex, order queue natives, all frame natives, etc. etc.):

Note that this is made for patches 1.33 and up. Hope y’all find this useful!


Huh. I’m not a map creator but this sounds super useful!

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Just updated the files again, more info here


You know there’s a forum section specifically for map making right

If appropriate categories exist they should be used.

yeah there’s the Custom Games category (which doesn’t state anywhere that it’s specifically for mapmaking), but I feel like this post would have more exposure in this board, so sue me for trying to be helpful I guess :man_shrugging:

If everyone placed their threads in the most appropriate sections, you’d get the necessary exposure regardless. That’s what everyone says on any forum when they dump threads into “general” despite there being areas for specific topics.

k well get back to me when you contribute anything meaningful rather than judging how everyone in the community decides to help

I hope someone is helped, I’m not judging the content you posted, I just like to see everything put in its proper place. Doing so contribtues something meaningful because when you go to specific categories and find topics relevant to those categories, it’s easier to find the information you’re looking for.

And I’ve gotten back to you because bumping your thread by replying is getting you more of that exposure you’re looking for. I’m pretty sure that counts as a “meaningful contribution.”

thread was already pretty near the top anyway, no need to bump it with judginess <3

anyway, added more stuff:

-Itempool now uses itemcode instead of integer
-Fixed Set VariableSet typo
-Added more race presets (naga, commoner, critters, creep, other, unknown) (thanks, tasyen)
-Added BlzPauseUnitEx, IssueNeutralImmediateOrderById (buys units/items from shops)
-Fixed some bugs with BlzCreateFrame and BlzCreateSimpleFrame (mistyped function names)
-Itempools are now initialized by default as global variables
-Added Target Flag integer presets to make setting a unit's Targets Allowed easier
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bumping this with another update:

-Added a way to use custom scripted if conditions in GUI
-Added order id presets (integer based) and changed all order id based functions to use order id rather than normal integer```
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