So my various questions regarding this remaster

  1. Will it retain the voice acting of the original game? Because I keep seeing contridictary sources. The demo at Blizzcon with the Culling of Stratholm showed the exact same voice clips from the original Warcraft 3, but then I hear that they are gonna expand upon this game’s story and lore to make it more closer to current World of Warcraft lore?

  2. How much will the gameplay change? Is all this just an HD face-lift with proper cinematic cutscenes in the campaign? Will the clunky pathfinding be addressed for example? Will Heroes units get rebalanced?

  3. Are all the Pre-rendered Cinematics getting remastered like they did with the trailer?

Are they gonna remaster Arthas becoming the Lich King and the Illidan Cinematic as well?

  1. It sounds like there’s gonna be two ways you can play through in Reforged, the original experience or the Reforged one. Don’t know if this will just be a switch flip at will or if you start, say, a Reforged campaign that you’re then locked into that one unless you restart and pick the original.
  2. So far I haven’t heard or read anything about any gameplay changes. Although there could be some unintentional stuff like animation timings, it sounded like nothing numerically will change it’s just that - for example - a Blademaster might swing a bit differently but the animation damage point and backswing timers will all be the same as the original.
    Nothing in particular about pathfinding I think has been said but I’m also like an interview or two behind from those big archive threads here and on Hive Workshop. And since they’ve done two (three?) balance patches this year, it’s safe to say that balancing’s always fair game.
  3. They only did the opening cinematic that you linked as part of the hype machine, it sounds like.

FYI- There is a thread on here that summarizes all the stuff we know so far: