Sentinel Campaign Chapter 4 Wrath of the betrayer Crashing

It’s crazy that it’s April 2023 and this one still isn’t fixed.

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Just ran into this problem. The fact its the same exact chapter for so many is unbelievable. Quality company.

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I cannot believe this is STILL not fixed…


Constantly crashing.

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Absolutely. One year later, nothing changed.
It’s clear that Blizzard does not give a …

This mission is still crashing and I just found this post on it. My game crashes at the 3rd dig site of the side quest. Game shuts off with error message. I bought this game cause the original version is not playable anymore. I cant advance in the missions. Does anyone know a way to fix this or how to skip this mission? Since it looks like blizzard isnt going to fix it From what I read here its already been a year.

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I’ve just uninstalled the game…too bad, because the game itself is great.
Should there be any class action against Blizzard for the W3R “fraud”, I’d be happy to join in.

A year later from the original posting of this error, and it’s still going strong. come on blizzard. WAKE THE F UP!

Tysm. I passed this section thanks to this comment

Reducing the settings has done absolutely nothing for me. This is ridiculous. You would think after a year of people experiencing the exact same problems that a bug would be easy to identify, especially with this many crash reports sent on the daily. I just wanted to blow through the campaign on Reforged just one single time so I can finally get to the Rexxar campaign (my favorite), and this is not possible.

Any updates on this?

I can confirm this s h i t is unplayable. It crashes like crazy on macOS with latest versions of both the game and OS. It crashed a few times during other campaigns but this makes the TFT campaign basically unusable. I hope people at Blizz are not sleeping and will release a patch soon.

I had to literally cheat and turn on god mode in order to complete it because even touching your mini map once means it crashes automatically. So until that time, I can’t finish it without cheating.

Hard to believe that a bug that constantly crashes the game is still here 3+ years after release. Good news is that turning particles down to LOW does make the crashes stop.

So it’s ok because it’s 1 year, not 3? Is that your logic? I don’t care how many years it is. It shouldn’t be here at all.

Had to put the Original graphics settings and set everything on low to be able to complete this level.

See my reply here, the bug is new in 2022 and probably did not crash on the original version of Reforged made before its authors were let go along with the rest of Blizzard’s remaining people or whatever:

You are correct, this bug was introduced in patch 1.33.

HD weather effects are the cause. If by chance anyone at Blizzard reads this, rebake the popcornFX models.

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As of Oct 2023, can confirm this bug is still around.

Campaing in the Patch 1.36 Keeping crashing. Blizard when you gonna resolve this stupid crashes? Has been past 3 years who this game was release. Why this f… Shi… keep crashes.

I have the same problem and nothing helps to fix it. Can some some from Blizzard finally get tjis fixed !!! I am unable to finish the campaign you should be refunding people ! This issue is going for so many years now!