Report feature not working

I have reported a number of backstabbers, and nothing has happened please fix this feature.

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I can second this.
First of all: it is very obscure where the report functionality really is. One can only right click a player his name after the game in the score screen to report a specific player. Then it is very ambigious for what one can be reported and it is not possible to select multiple causes.

By extend, we have reported over hundred people over the course of last year; yet many we have encountered over and over again. Nor we have ever heard any tale of anyone ever even getting warned, let alone any noticable measure as a result could be observed.

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No one cares, huh?
Blizzard, I am about to actually take time and look up people responsible for that. This is ridiculous. Instead of doing something, you just delete my comment with complains? Right, how dare I name the names? :rage: :rage: :rage:
Anyways, it is about time you either let us block players or make it impossible to ruin your own team members. Something need to be done.