Replays dont work properly after the new patch


since the last patch 1.36.1 replays dont work properly:
only the begin run fine then the players stop to do anything

thanks you

seems like perhaps there was a desync in your game

in this case, how to fix it?

it has a connect with onedrive?
i use it on windows 11

the “verify and repair” didnt fixed the issue :frowning:

if it was a desync, there’s not much you can do other than just restarting the replay and seeing if it works again

lol i runned like 15 replays and the same thing happen everytime

damnit this new WC3 update blizzard plz fix! :frowning:

are these replays from an old version or from the latest patch?

nope very new one


false alert, i can read the replays from the lastest patch

thanks for answer