Reforged vs SC2 MOD for WarCraft 3 done in 2017

I think a game like WarCraft 3 reforged should not use 100% of an I9-9900k CPU.
And also my 2080 gpu sometimes has 20 FPS… Is not normal

Dude what are you talking about? Quite well? Reforged looks 20x better.

Sounds like you have an issue with your build. My i7-6700 + GTX2070 runs fine at 140FPS @ 2k Resolution.

Again. Armies of azeroth people branched off and made a WC3 Team Called REBIRTH

Rebirth has continued to develop EVERYTHING creeps, doodads, terrain, even Kul’tiras units for Rexxar campaign.

Armies of Azeroth IS the OLD unifinished version of the project.


imagine being this mad lol.

Reforge also has 1/4 of the classic features.

But dem graphics tho.

Too bad they didnt outsource the terrain or the “deforged” new maps. They are atrocious

I can never like an SC2 mod of wc3.

It just will never feel right to me. They couldn’t even get the iconic ding right.

It’s so…diluted.

The lack of a built-in hero system really hurts that game.

no im just aquainted with the project leader but you clearly know better.

sigh… Read the thread

Check the mod page on moddb, will ya.

no actually Heavy armor not taking 150% damage from ranged makes TFT tuning harder then RoC in many case depending on how you play.

but thats not the problems TFT mechancis are infignificant

Whats game breaking is their diffculty balance for the reforged game mode are NOT classic balancing. Trust me its easy red flags went off but it went into high alert on Hyjal and i confirmed it playing classic twice and refoged twice

Results from 2 playthrouhgs staying at human base for 45 mins which is easy to do

Reforge Hyjal : 334 unit kills 9 heroes
Classic Hyjal 774 unit kills 29 heroes

Archimonde level 1 no items either or skils
Anetheron summons 2 infernals not 4
no double Hero attack waves

No TFT balancing is the least of their concern when the enemy is this passive in reforged mode tuning.

To anyone not aware attack timing and what the enemy builds and when they send it is a script and predetermined and repeats in cycles in WC campaign. its not like melee games

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I don’t know what you’re even talking about, was rebirth done in SCII or Wc3?

As far as I was aware all of these are different maps/mods, are they all supposed to be the same thing that was consolidated into rebirth, including the ones on different engines?

Or is every single video here done on the same game?

I will say the video I saw for rebirth…eh.

It’s not bad, but it’s also not good…it’s just sort of…there? Like maybe i’m just not seeing what i’m supposed to be seeing.

Like I feel like looking at that I could just play classic and be pretty content.

im sure you are little buddy :smiley:

Reforged looks vastly better than either of these mods.
The visuals ARE NOT the problem. The bugs, sh–ty animations, lifeless portraits, lack of reforged cutscenes, technical issues, removal of several features(Custom campaigns, lan), and the near unplayable state of the game(Campaigns going auto defeat, players unable to join customs, friends list showing up blank, etc.) along with the removal of the original client are the problem.

This doesn’t help anything, and I think you need your eyes checked.(I mean, I know it’s all subjective, but this doesn’t look better, great for a mod, very impressive, but reforged -looks- better…Now if only it played better.)

These mods also blatantly use assets from WoW, which is, amusingly enough, something that people have constantly complained about in regards to reforged.(IT looks like WoW! Despite the fact that most of the art doesn’t look anything like WoW, at the most it looks like WoW cinematics. which are beloved, unlike WoW’s in game art which is heavily criticized.)
Yet a mod literally using altered WoW models is better? Lol… Okay.


As I said this post is not to say that the mod is better, it is to say that in 2 years the only thing that seems to have done a Blizzard is a kind of mod eliminating many functionalities of the classic WarCratf 3!

The idea of this post is to try to understand what Blizzard did in these years since 2018?

Because I have the impression that they started working on the game at the last moment and to make it cheaper, they eliminated everything they could.

Because doing a mod not seem to be so difficult, which is what Blizzard did more or less with reforged for now.

I mean, eliminating features to the point you have a buggy mess that people are refunding…does that actually sound cheaper to you than doing nothing?

If anything the problem would be they did a lot more than what a mod would do, which clearly affected the game in unintended ways, on top of several changes (in particular I have my bets on 2.0 ) being incompatible with certain features.

Yes, that mission is much easier than it should have been but even before it wasn’t hard. But except that most of the missions are about the same difficulty as classic.

Tutorial: Graphics Improvement for Reforged

It’s not even close. Refored graphics are accepted little by little. Blizzard can’t satisfy every person.

The biggest problem here is how it’s possible that the maps/environment on the pre-alpha version of the game looks a lot more stunning, than the final realise version of the game??
The art work on the units looks amazing! but dosen’t fit at all with the graphic look of the maps/environment.
The currently game graphics looks more ore less like the old. But the game badly needs the remastered maps shown at the 2018 blizzcon demo, terrain, lightning, shadows ect.

Not at any point was it mentioned form U not to be a part of the game.

This is a urgent probleme! the reforged graphics are less playable than the old classic graphics, the units don’t clearly detach them selves from the background.
If you are using the “reforged” graphics, you are putting yourself at a significant disadvantage.

It seems virtually none pro players, uses the reforged graphics, not even grubby as a front figure for the game.

This is a issue Blizzard needs to take action on!
Its a shame as the graphics is the key feature of the game, and taken into consideration the work put in to the unit models, its a half done task on the grapich side , when the maps and enviroment isn 't touched.
I realy hope Blizzard will improves/deliver on this, so Warcraft Reforged can be as amazing as it deserves.

Blizzcon 2018 lighting: Blizzcon 2018 ReShade (final version (for now))