Recent updates fixed nothing?

I’m quite curious about what the recent build update did. For example, the game still often results in unexpected errors when closing the game or pressing “Quit Game” at the end of a match. The UI still does not allow me to see the maps if I’m not the team captain, nor race- or ally names without hovering over them. In fact, I can’t even see what race my allies have picked. The ladder is still buggy, and we often get +0 MMR for a win. The EU server still seems bugged to the degree that it actually appears fully broken (EU vs EU is directed to US servers). People still get matched 3 on 4 in officially ranked games from time to time. There is still no offset in AT vs RT, causing AT teams to quite easily go 50 - 0 without any effort, as there also appears to be no functional system that matches based on skill. In fact: not a single person is in the top 2 divisions? We designed divisions where the math of the system behind it can’t take anybody at all? We still can’t add friends who log in on a different server, even though we can be paired against them in games. The chat UI often overlaps with other information, making it near impossible to read. There is still no way to see stats, race, or mute someone from the menu; all of this is done with very primitive !commands. Even games before the year 2000 allowed for remapping keys, but here the official way is still to modify a notepad file.

I’m quite amazed to see balance patches that tilt the player base while we are still miles and miles away from having a platform even remotely close to what legacy offered. I understand those might be different teams, but come on. It has been more than three years since release, and the game is still in the pre-beta stage? How is that possible? At this stage, restoring the legacy platform would still improve almost every single aspect, yet absolutely nothing we supposedly gained would be lost. It is truly mind-boggling how this can happen.

Edit: the bug that causes heroes to be unresponsive when someone leaves the game is also still there. So literally all issues of note have not been touched at all?

perhaps check the patch notes before posting?

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Perhaps read the post before replying

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Oh you don’t understand cynecism, my bad.

What part of that is “cynecism”? That’s just bashing an update that didn’t address the thing you have been talking about when it was never there to fix that particular thing.

Now, if you were to talk about the update previous to that, that’s fair enough, but calling it cynicism? That’s just incorrect, cynics would not be “amazed” at the update not fixing the thing it was meant to fix, they would be like “Knew it, they couldn’t fix it.”

Why is changing a notepad file a problem exactly? It works. Sure, it’s not intuitive, but it’s an old game, they didn’t always offer these. And you say this as if all of them allowed remapping, which is objectively false. More than a fair amount of games from around the time period did not infact allow those controls to be changed (DOS games called - no, DOSbox does not count)

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The point I’m trying to raise is that most major issues are still in the game. E.g. we all pick a race and then queue doesn’t start. Game may crash if you take a screenshot. And the many others I’ve listed. I understand the patch did not address these items; hence I conclude it did nothing (to resolve issues that actually have been aching issues in the game).

If you don’t see an issue with needing to code a notepad then I’m afraid I can’t help you… It is not an old game, it was released 3 years ago.

Edit for some more bugs I’ve encountered last day: Custom games end when the hosts leaves, can’t use any commands as whois, listing friends, whoami, I just spend 5 minutes in queue while my friend in my team was not in queue, often get a “new version available” bug when trying to search even though there is no new game version, still can’t see races of players in game, game crashes when game is completed, single packet loss still causes a drop from the game (grace period is not re–introduced yet…), cancel search often does not work, immolation got bugged and Grubby got minus 3 damage from being mana burned. Just using this edit to point out that despite we have patches that the very basics of the game are still non existent and that those very patches introduce new issues.

I asked same, why If 5x in a row I encounter a “shockand…” player who leave before game starts than others follow him I loose -24 MMR than after one win
+0 or maybe +1 MMR => Statistic drop -119MMR in a quarter of hour.

@CaptainJack explained this like: “Well if you actually only got 1 MMR for a game, that means that the system, in matching those players into the game, expected that your team was almost certain to win. If it ended up being a difficult game, that would mean you were underperforming for your rating.”

So put in simplier words: if you complain about MMR system, Blizzard’s Employees will fight back that you are a looser!

Putting words in mouths where there wasn’t any, eh?

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That really isn’t in any way whatsoever what I said or implied. Nor was it in any way a judgement about you as a player.

Please, screencap your loading screens to get all player’s MMRs. The next time you gain tiny MMR on a win, please show us the MMRs of all the players in the game.

With this information it should be easy to determine if it indeed is simply a case of you/your team’s MMR being too high or instead a case of a bad algorithm.

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