Really this is happening? - Classic Engine Enhanced vs Reforged

Boy go study or get a job, stop being obsessed at me. Obsessing over me won’t will bring anything to you. Use your time for studying and not for saying useless things about my feedback. This are the Warcraft 3 Reforged forums, and not Myhria User Forums. You insist on saying you read my 400 posts, I highly doubt it.


In other words, stop drawing attention to your months of trolling. Got it.

I’ll keep quiet about it. It’s our secret. You keep copy/pasting the same 6 or 7 lines about the graphics every day for the next few months.

Not sure what you aim to achieve by doing this, but I’m more confused how you were able to do this for months without getting banned. Forum has horrible moderation apparently… so go nuts.

You insist on saying you read my 400 posts, I highly doubt it.

It takes 20 seconds to click into your post history and see what you’re doing. Get over yourself, you don’t have any “fans” here…

Months? What? Have you been stalking me for months? Dude go find an doctor to treat you, urgent! :open_mouth:


You don’t like me drawing attention to what you’re doing do you? :slight_smile:

Foiling your little trolling operation here. You and the other guy, Souichirou.

Well new graphics do indeed look kinda bad.

so he has a point. i guess its his love for the game making him care that mutch, not “trolling”.


It’s against forum rules to spam though. Not complicated.

“Riptor” go back to your main thing you said you most like to do “Reading the “400” Myhria posts for MONTHS” go do this like you said how you always do and stop disturbing the useful feedback from the people.


Stop disturbing the useful feedback from the people.

lol… have fun dude.

Wow! You found this in your browser favorites? So fast!


can you guys get back2topic please, wether or not someone likes to voice his opinion shouldnt be anyones business.

especially since you do need to repeat urself to get heard, thats how the fast paced internet works these days…

Lets hope someday this game have more graphics settings! With better in-game graphics to enjoy/like more to play the matches and custom games with the more immersion :blush:


How to get better graphics: Tutorial: Graphics Improvement for Reforged

Hello Saido! Your fix to the colors/saturation are good! But the problem of bad graphics still in the game and this game are looking old! They need do a better lighting,shadows,rendering to the game! To looks like the mod from this topic :smiley:


cute now people are re posting mods from og warcraft 3 as reforged mods? You do realize that program was created in 2016 for wc3 right.

For everyone else this is pretty much Reshade for WC3 more or less. it pretty much applies filtering to the frame buffer before output it does not actually modify the game in anyway.

Looks awesome


Looks legit

I’m no Blizzard fan but if you’re going to compare graphics at least make it fair, WC3 Reforged screenshot has been taken with shadows turned off so of course it’s going to look trash.
OP blatantly has an agenda.

Have you considered said agenda to involve getting Blizzard to improve drastically upon what they’ve done thus far with Reforged? Maybe even fulfill the lofty goals they set out?

God, that’s so weird of you to keep track of one person like that.

Nobody say anything bad about the game, you might get stalked.

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Blizzcon 2018 lighting ReShade: Blizzcon 2018 ReShade (final version (for now))