Re-Enable non-friend whispers

I mean, wtf? more SJW BS?

I like post-game chit chat, i dont care if some people use it for flaming, its part of the game, you can just block whoever you dont like, but forbid everyone whispers and only allow if you are friends is BORING.

Plus one of the ways for making friends sometimes is after game whispers.


Reforged is not made for building communities. It’s just about conceptual dumb playing.


I think this is an actual game destroyer. This needs to change NOW seriously.
There are too many times this happens:

  • You play a custom game and then you decide to remake when the game is ending.
    You can’t whisper people to get them into the game or ask them.
  • You talk to someone in a game and you want to ask them or reply to them but the game ended, can’t whisper
  • You just want to reply to someones trashtalk before they leave

Not being allowed to whisper renders the communicate so ****ing useless you are forced to rely on third party apps like discord and such. WHY the **** is it a good idea to hinder communication, I too also believe it’s some ****ing bullpoo SJW reason. I don’t see any other reason why, wtf. Reforged is worse in every single way than normal WC3 the game WAS miles better than reforged still like 3 years later. Reforged will never be as good as the original release decades ago. Who the **** is making decisions at Blizzard.

I played this game since 2002 or something how can you make a game WORSE and not even allow players to play the game that worked.

Activision. 'Nuff said.

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I thought this was a wide thing that you couldn’t message non-friends, but… apparently in diablo II you can get messages from non friends, so…?