Rafa's 1.36 Christmas List

  • Font Size Options + Font Size Options for World Editor

  • UI Scaling - Drag and Stretch - Free Floating Lock/Dock preferences

  • Larger chat channels to support Lobbylinking

  • Make Custom Games Lobby and List the same screen you switch between with ‘Tabs’

  • *A Dark Theme for World Editor

  • *Invite friends to game Doesnt ‘cover up’ the rest of the interface

  • *Skip Track/Pause/Start/Volume Control Panel button on right side of in-game menubar

  • *More Starcraft models included in World Editor, such as Protoss Carrier, etc.


Let players in lobbies add their own friends to the lobby

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lol “more starcraft models.”
They don’t exist.
The SC units were an easter egg/bonus. There was never any intention of making a “starcraft in wacraft” thing. This will never happen.

Most of the rest of that is a pipe dream at best.

“*Invite friends to game Doesnt ‘cover up’ the rest of the interface”
it doesn’t?


Even if it did, it’s not something you keep on screen at all times, it doesn’t need any special treatment.

Someones never hosted a custom game.

And reforged has been a bad dream so youre saying only bad things should happen?

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A dark theme would be cool, I’m surprised someone from the modding scene hasn’t done it yet(?)

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No, i’m just saying “good luck with that.” It’s not like I don’t want good things lol.

I have, and even then, it’s not much of an issue. You normally only have that popup open for seconds at a time, why is it so important that it doesn’t cover anything else? It’s a popup. I don’t see where else it could be on the screen to cover less stuff. And that’s the only time it covers anything of significance.