Questions about Reforged

In terms of the changes made from WC3 to WC3RF, I was wondering if there was an existing list of all changes made. While I am aware of the story/graphics changes, I was curious if any changes would be made to the PVP, such as AI and if due to (possible) improved AI gold would still be collected at twice the rate of players on insane difficulty. Along with, I was wondering if they would also fix a few issues with the Scenario game Warchasers such as the tedious Tank section, as well as the Beastmaster using T for both Healing Ligh(t) and Feral Spiri(t).

Only changes we know so far are the patch note. Doubt there is anything else right now but perhaps it can help you a little?

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i think they could bring the “QWER” system for all heros like “HoTS”, because they got some ruins in the “custom keys” will dont work for me, with all last updates since 1.29 :frowning:

They will be adding hotkey customizability similar to sc:reforged which is great because maps like Dota definitely need QWER enabled if you played dota 2 or another moba, I used to use legacy but I can’t anymore, I’ve forgotten all of them and won’t spend a year or two getting used to them again.

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There’s possibly going to be some changes to the AI opponents, but nothing has been confirmed and they have been a bit vague about that part.

I don’t think there has been word on actually changing the custom maps.

Hotkeys are going to be more easily customizable in Reforged. Presumable a bit more like what they did with Starcraft 2.

And as for the main question:

Well, there most certainly is! Just take a look at my other thread: [Compilation] ALL we know so far!