PTR Update - July 15

In about 15 minutes, at 10:30 a.m. PDT, we’re going to deploy hotfixes to the PTR that should address the following:

  • Fixed an issue where the Terrain Palette would crash the editor in both SD and HD modes.
  • Fixed an issue where the FileAliases.JSON had incorrect file paths for some textures.

Thank you very much for all of your testing and feedback!


Thank you for looking into these issues!


cool. you looking into AALL the other stuff as well? please adress all the stuff the ptr broke and that you will fix all of it before pushing this mess live

At this point, you’re going to need a ptr for the ptr lol.


Loving the fixes!

Now I just can’t wait for the Custom Campaign menu to return :smiley:

I really need my map to work, hopefully it does… a lot of issues still, any custom starfall ability will not use it’s custom missile models like it used to.

That buff issue was there on 1.32 as well, did you make a bug report about it or should I do it?

Still playing the wrong music for each race.

Also, the in-game options menu is still super laggy.