PTR Maintenance Today -- June 21

We intend to take the PTR offline for maintenance later today, at about 11:00 a.m. PDT.

During this time, we’ll apply a number of bugfixes, and we expect the PTR to resume availability after an hour or so.


Having more detailed knowledge on update changes would be very welcomed, but thanks for the post all the same.


sad stuff, wanted to play ladder on live this week :expressionless:

Thanks for informing us Kaivax


much better to delay the patch than to release it while it’s riddled with bugs :stuck_out_tongue:

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yay, hopefully the music comes back. XD

I’m starting to like this Kaivax guy already!

It’s about time! Hopefully the music and the crashing portraits get fixed in today’s patch.

The PTR is back and updated.

In the new build,

  • Fixed an issue where voice lines were not playing on Classic Graphics.
  • Fixed an issue where leaderboards were showing the wrong ranked badges.
  • Added visual polish to ranked badges.
  • Fixed FFA visually counting 2nd place as a win.
  • Fixed an issue where players could get stuck in an infinite load when waiting for the score screen.
  • Updated Leaderboards and Player Profiles to support multiple seasons.