PTR Maintenance Today - July 13

Same as before. Happening now. We’ll be back soon.



I hope you’re doing okay :slightly_smiling_face:


And we’re done (deploying this build to the PTR)!

With the new PTR build that is now available for testing:

  • Improved !Stats functionality to show the following [Battletag#1111] W:x L:x MMMR:x
  • Typing in “!stats” will now show your current stats.
  • Custom Games are now global and can now be filtered by ping from all regions.
  • Camera Zoom option is now added into the game.
    • Players can now update their zoom through their wheel up or wheel down or using PGUP and PGDN on the keyboard.
  • New slider option in the game menu which will set your camera height at the start of the game. Players also have the option to adjust it higher or lower as they choose via mouse wheel or keyboard.
  • Fixed an issue with music not playing in the game.
  • Various localization and layout fixes in different locales.
  • Leaderboards has been updated with a friends filter.
  • Your account in the leaderboard will now be highlighted with a gold bar.
  • Player profiles have been updated to include more match history data.
  • Fixed an issue where players could not access campaign portraits from the player profile.
  • Added an error message in the editor for Players that that have custom fx baked on an older version of popcorn.

Looking ahead, we expect to close the PTR on July 18. Thereafter, we will do additional internal-only testing before the final release of the patch.