PTR has been updated (No server yet)

Can’t play it yet but the PTR client has been updated if you want to download it now. Server is not up and thus it will stay at the login doors perpetually.

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still says for me

Yea it must have one of those weird dumb updates that the bnet app does sometimes (not just for war3) that don’t actually do anything. False alarm.

Today I had to download 350MB for the PTR and is now on build number 19541 . In game it does say 1.34 though not in the app


Without being able to connect online, I don’t know what I’m looking for lol but it definitely has been updated for reals.

The one thing i’ve been able to confirm so far is the addition of the ability to type in a game name to join in the game browser (accessed in this case by going to LAN games)