PTR 1.33 World Editor and game - custom campaign feature

Since you stated that you want to restore all vanilla game functionalities, we would like to have a roadmap for the custom campaign feature and how you are thinking to approach it.

Custom campaigns are really necessary in Reforged, both to restore a lot of content that is now unaccessible without third party tools and to allow developers of ongoing projects to develop series of maps without figthing against file size limits.


This so much!
User generated content is one of the most important features to keep RTS games alive and make it fun for creative creators and gamers.


Yes, bring back the custom campaigns! They’re far more vital than the MP content


This is one of the main issues, please fix this Blizzard!


Custom Campaigns was a major liked subject and mode of the community please bring it back


Please fix this! I know it’s not necessarily simple but this is an essential part of the game editor and much beloved by the community. Please bring back custom campaigns (both the ability to play them and the ability to make them properly)


This fix is very important for the health of Re-Reforged and Chronicles of the Second War mods.

RRF is WC3 expanded & improved following on the lines of the 2018 Blizzcon trailer for WarCraft 3 Reforged.

CSW is a WC2 & WC1 remake in WC3R.


yes bring them back they are important for the game’s future


Custom Campaigns are core feature of Warcraft III. Necessary part of it. It must be returned to the game.


The ability to create custom campaigns is one of the more important features that has been missing for the past two years. Please give us a roadmap for how you plan to fix this issue!

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Personally I would prefer the Armies of Azeroth mod for SC2 that never got finished. Imagine that, with even better graphics than W3R and no disgusting 12 unit selection limit. I don’t know what happened to it, maybe craptavision swung the banhammer on it but regardless bloody shame. :rage:

Blizzard’s giving really bizarre and out-of-touch signals. hopefully the new staff will understand the player base.

Would love to play The Chosen ones in reforged graphics, please bring back custom campaigns!!

(I really can’t believe we are begging blizzard to bring back an old feature that was removed for absolutely no reason).

yes blizzard, please!

i support the addition of custom campaigns but, they should fix the features they have added, before they add more.

I am sick of blizzard. They destroyed my favorite game. Thank god there are modders. I dont have any believes that blizzard will bring custom campaigns or do some of the promises they made before release this game.

they were under a great deal of time preasure and then their team got disolved. now they are working on it so, please give them a chance.

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I really want to give them chance. But i dont have any trust anymore. But in the a corner of the soul still believe them.

It is true that this problem has not yet been addressed by Blizzard, despite the promises and the fact that 2 years have already passed. But with the arrival of the new patch, the reveal of who leads the project and the gradual completion of the purchase of Blizzard from Microsoft, I believe that even if we still have to wait, we can be optimistic. Custom campaigns will come back.

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It’s my understanding from videos I saw on youtube of interviews with some developers that were involved that all the coding is already there in reforged for the custom campaigns and all that’s needed is the menu button for us to actually access it.