PTR 1.33 game - custom loading screen still broken

As in 1.32, in PTR 1.33 custom loading screen are broken. Specifically, if a custom loading screen is used the text is displayed in the bottom left of the screen, instead of the upper right. This is very problematic for all those who want to use custom loading screen and should be fixed before the PTR goes live.


This is a BIG issue I noticed too some time ago, it MUST be fixed!


I too have noticed this problem too with my own custom loading screens for my custom maps


This is so essential for custom games and custom campaigns. Please fix this issue, Blizzard!


This fix is very important for the health of Re-Reforged and Chronicles of the Second War mods.

RRF is WC3 expanded & improved following on the lines of the 2018 Blizzcon trailer for WarCraft 3 Reforged.

CSW is a WC2 & WC1 remake in WC3R.


Its very annoying bug, please fix it.


Please fix this issue so that creators can use custom loading screens in 1.33!


Steps to reproduce:

  • Open the World Editor and create a new map of your choice
  • Open the Asset Manager
  • Import the .mdx file to your map at the path: LoadingScreen.mdx
  • Import the .dds file to your map at the path:
  • Click on Scenario → Map Loading Screen
  • Click on Use Imported File checkbox
  • Select LoadingScreen.mdx
  • Write some text in the various fields Loading Screen Title, Loading Screen Subtitle, Loading Screen Text
  • Play either by testing the map or using the game client

You can find the files here:


Currently the only way to set up a custom loading screen is with a trick that significantly increases the size of the map files. That is, by importing an .mdx file associated with a .dds image that has also been imported, unfortunately, however, the text inserted in the map preview will appear badly and in the wrong position. I hope that Blizzard address this bug, because it would be really easy to do and it only arose with Reforged, in classic Warcraft 3 this feature always worked fine.

worth noting that the file can also be tga or blp, doesn’t necessarily have to be dds

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