Please remove the ingame animation fps cap from units

Despite the still sub-optimal performance of Reforged I personally would love to see the game rendering unit animations with more fps than the hardcoded 30fps cap. Even the world editor shows the animations at full fps so why can’t the game itself do so as well?

I know this cap has been in the classic game since ever but it just ruins the immerson of the new graphics simply because they don’t render smoothly. I mean what’s the point of it nowadays? You render effects and portraits in full fps but only the animations are capped. Please add a option at least to uncap that thing.


Nice catch, never noticed that. Altough in game not sure what’s the problem, at the blizzcon panel they talket about something like limited frames per animation, idk if it’s possible.


I agree the animations (movement, attack animations etc) should be uncapped, they look so janky especially with 120+ hz monitors, everything being smooth but the animations. If you zoom-in and watch units move you can see the fps-capped animations.
I hope the engine can handle uncapping it in reforged and classic so there won’t be any desync.


If this is true, why are people telling ‘’ battles are hard to see ‘’ and things like that?

edit: Dude wtf i tried the editor and the animation are much better !!

Yes please, I think this is a huge deal.

This actually effects the game. If you are building a structure and you want to reset the rally with a peasant and then quickly shift+click him to harvest lumber afterwards…many times he will simply walk away from the structure.

This might not seem like a big deal but when it happens to a farm and you don’t notice it can be game ending.

Sitting at 920 human wins atm

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Excellent idea! I hope that option in the game too!

Absolutely. 360Hz monitors are now available and they are going to evolve even more. Having this flaw in the game is unacceptable.

They are forced to have the same of classic. So the new skin can be seen a little forced in some movement.

Put it as a bug in the Reforged Beta Bug Reports section. I see a blizzard employee answering there and no one is answering here.

They made this only to keep the compatibility with the classic :unamused:

Instead of advancing the game to the next level (actually, the current level of the industry) they will keep those 30fps animations in order to keep compatibility with a 17 years old game.

This, among another set of problems, is why I refunded the game.


All they had to do was add a toggle for Classic play or Reforged Only. And the Reforged Only should have been massively expanded with new features and have options to go full-retard with ultra graphical settings if you want to

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good way to split the playerbase…

Dude you are 100% right… I was thinking i was tripping when i saw those disgusting animations, since i play most games 120-144hz it was hurting my eyes so hard.
I really hope they will fix this.


Please remove the limit cap of 30 fps from the animations! Give an option to more than 60fps animations in the game and in the World Editor! Thanks!

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I am guessing the 30 FPS cap on animations is a bug. Since there never used to be such a cap as far as I am aware.

World Editor and the game itself should be using the same graphic code. If World Editor is running animations at higher frame rates then the game itself should also be able to do so. If it is not doing this then possibly there is some bug. This bug could even be related to the poor performance a lot of players are experiencing, such as the result of thread synchronization timing issues.

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For a long time i coudn’t figure out why the game looked like it lagged at 60 fps, but if the animations are capped at 30 fps that explains it


i just checked in reforged and in wc3 classic.

the editor runs smooth animations, the game doesnt. its the same for both reforged beta and wc3 classic.

i dont know why it is that way, but its kinda annoying now that i have seen and confirmed it. it probably has something to do with the editor not running a synced timeline (e.g. gametime in the editor doesnt exist). the game does, however. maybe it has something to do with the “game speed” - maybe the game drops animation frames in the “fast” game speed to quicken it, because it may be all based on the “normal” game speed. i’d need to do some deeper research. im no wc3 map creator, nor do i know anything about the w3 engine in particular.

the animation framerate probably is tied to the internal game timer, soooo, just making it 60 or 120 fps probably isnt some easy number change. therefore i think making the animations run at a higher fps will probably break something or everything in the game.

it would be worth fixing tho, because smooth animations look so much better and i dont know why blizzard hasnt done this. either they dont care enough to change it, or its so deeply rooted in the game engine that it cant be changed without effectively rewriting the whole engine. dunno, maybe someone with experience regarding that engine can do a better guess.

either way, i think we will be stuck with the supposedly “30 fps” animations.

Can you check with 1.31 release. Since the classic graphics in 1.32 beta will be using the same graphic code.

Also check if the animation rate is tied with game speed. Such as slow to fast. If not then there must be some other reason it is limited.

Maybe perform some high speed 60 FPS+ video recording to check if other aspects of the graphics change between frames. It could be a swap chain bug pushing out the same image to display twice. If running in windowed mode (default) then it could be a desktop window management bug.

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umm, lemme see if i can dig up an older version of wc3. i may have some 1.27 flying around on a hard drive. im a lil busy right now. we’re renovating the house. but ill try to look into it in the weekend.

the game fps looked and felt like real 140fps / hz (adaptive sync), not interpolated. reforged with classic assets was especially smooth, but even there the animations looked stuttery. from my initial impression id say the game doesnt interpolate general frame output, its really the animation playback only. maybe its also the effects / sprites.

im also working on a paintover / sketch for an improved UI for reforged, which i wanna release here pretty soon.

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